Been there, done that

Via the encyclopedic gun law brain of Joe Waldron on the Washington CCW email list last Monday:

From 1968 to 1986, all purchasers of handgun ammunition nationwide had to sign a book and provide identification data. It was discontinued because it proved useless as a crime fighting tool.

Not that anyone in the California legislature cares.

Again, the anti-gun bigots not being able to answer Just One Question is no impediment to them infringing on the specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms.


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  1. I remember that, myself and a bunch of friends were really teed off. I, and others, hurried and bought what we could before the crunch.

  2. “Again, the anti-gun bigots not being able to answer Just One Question is no impediment to them infringing on the specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms.”

    That’s why I’ve often said it is missing the point to argue with them about the validity of their assertions and rationalizations. Those things are the smoke screens. The mantras. The prayers designed to reinforce the faith among their flock. Would you argue with a bank robber over the finer points of, and his rambling justifications for, bank robbery? Would you challenge a rapist to a debate over the concept of respect for other people and the principles behind property rights?

    The point one is missing by arguing with the anti libertarian over his assertions is this; they are not rational. They often reject the very notion of reason. The anti libertarian, and the statist, like the jihadist, understands only brute force, group association and strength in numbers. We have to understand that we’re up against a cult– a cult of power, and that playing nicey-nice with them, entertaining their assertions, trying to convince them that we’re not really bad people, or engaging them in discussion at all, is playing into their hands. It’s lending a sense of credibility that they do not deserve. It’s trying to convince a robber, who just broke down your front door, that he’s doing something impolite. While you’re busy looking for the title to your house so you can prove him it really is your house, he’s collecting your silver and making off with it.

    They will back down only when they are afraid.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, but here I’m just reacting to (commenting on) a post of yours– just blurting out in my own words what has been said decades ago. It’s a way of expressing my frustration with the Republican Party, which has been guilty ( and called out for being guilty decades ago) of uplifting the Left by association, recognition, capitulation and collusion. When the purported main opposition accepts the premises of the Left, they’re supporting the Left– showing the “opposition” to be unprincipled and hypocritical. This morning I sent some snark to Pete Sessions on that note. He’ll probably never read it, and won’t get it if he does, so this is one of my few other outlets.

    Here’s what I told Petey;

    You state in your letter, “We can’t wait for you to learn more about their [Republican candidates] ideas!” in bold print. Really? Then why didn’t you show us any of their ideas? Do they really have any, or are they, in typical Republican fashion, still trying to figure out what they think? And, isn’t this just a tad bit backasswards? How about THEY strive to learn about OUR ideas? I can’t wait for that.

    Lyle Keeney

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