Painted Ordnance*

I carry a gun with me everywhere I can without getting in trouble. Since I sometimes work and play in some extremely dirty environments my carry gun gets very dirty as well (story for the picture below is here):

My Gun Blog 45 has been my carry gun while my STI was being repaired (see also here) and it has been exposed to my daily life. Perhaps I’m expecting too much or the dirt was too much but I’m disappointed in the finish. The paint is wearing off in a number of places:

It took 10 years to get a similar amount of wear in the NP3 finish (custom enhancement, not the default configuration) of my STI. To be fair there was another variable that may have contributed. Most of the holster time for my STI was spent in a leather holster. It may be that the hard plastic Blackhawk holster for the last two months contributed to the excessive wear on the Para gun.

* I didn’t invent the phrase “Painted Ordnance” to mock Para Ordinance (now Para USA). I first heard that phrase from another blogger (who will remain nameless unless I have permission to reveal their name) who may or may not have stopped using it out of politeness. Since I, obviously, don’t worry all that much about being polite I thought it appropriate to use the phrase for a blog post title.


3 thoughts on “Painted Ordnance*

  1. I thought it was leather that was supposed to wear on guns a little bit more.

    BTW that does appear to be an excessive amount of finish wear.

    I have no idea what the black coating they put on the S&W1911s is, but I got mine Used about 2 years ago and it had a small amount of wear right at the muzzle end of the slide. I’ve carried this piece damned near every day for over a year now, and the wear is a tad more, but still hardly “White”.

    Would you consider getting the Gunblog 45 refinished? I don’t own any limited run guns so I don’t know how I’d handle that.

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