Why aren’t they screaming about this illegal act?

So even though I don’t pay much attention to them it was hard to avoid hearing about “the criminals in the White house” and all the “criminal acts” and the charges of treason against the Bush administration. But what I don’t get is why I don’t hear anything about Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels when he does stuff like this:

A new city of Seattle gun ban takes effect this week – prohibiting firearms in places like city parks and community centers.

But the law is already generating controversy with many asking is this new rule truly enforceable? Washington state Attorney General Rob McKenna and some community gun advocates say, no.

“What this does is put Seattle on a collision course with state law,” says Dan Sytman, the Attorney General’s office spokesperson.

The questionable deeds that Bush administration did at least had prior approval from the U.S. Attorney General’s office. Nickels is doing something that all legal advisers, except the city lawyer who found a contorted rational, say is illegal.

So where is the outcry from the left?

Apparently they don’t really care about politicians engaged in illegal acts. They just wanted to remove their political opponents by whatever means possible. Having their own politicians commit illegal acts on their behalf is just fine.

See also what Ry has to say on the topic.


8 thoughts on “Why aren’t they screaming about this illegal act?

  1. Having their own politicians commit illegal acts on their behalf is just fine.

    and this surprises you why?

  2. The city of Seattle is attempting to deny people a specific enumerated right that may result in the unnecessary deaths of innocents. Regardless of whether it “compares” to what Bush did or did not do it is illegal, immoral, and the people associated with it should be charged with the felony (18 USC 242). If it results in the death of even one innocent person the death penalty should be considered when Mayor Nickels and his fellow perpetrators are sentenced.

  3. I almost have to give the Mayor credit for actually having the nerve to pass a law that was already illegal before his pen ever touched paper… That kind of hubris is relatively hard to find these days, and always proves to be entertaining in the end, when his happy arse gets dragged into court, and said arse gets handed to him on a silver platter.

    I wonder if the residents of Seattle can propose a recall of him on the basis of misappropriation of public funds – after all, his inevitable legal defense would not be necessary if he did not pass unquestionably illegal laws.

  4. So was I. as for your call for the death penalty should any innocent die because of this illegal act on Nickel’s and associates’ parts, I agree wholeheartedly.

  5. Linoge,

    The Mayor of Seattle is up for election next month. Nickels was defeated in the primary so a recall is pointless.

    The problem is the two remaining candidates are squabbling about who can support Nickels’ anti-gun policy the most.

  6. Ah. Well, that sucks, on all counts then.

    Could always try and see if you could set a record-shortest mayoral term… 🙂

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