Shotgun boomers for sale

I received an email today from Dave Mason that I thought people might be interested in:

OPI is proud to announce the expansion of our Exploding Target line! In addition to the Rifle targets, we are now offering Rimfire, Pistol, and Exploding Clay Targets.

Our Rifle Targets are the 1 pound, and 2 pound targets everyone has come to appreciate as the ground shaking confirmation of a good shot.

Added to these traditional targets are the Rimfire and Pistol Targets. By popular demand, these targets will detonate when hit with something as small as a .22 CB round or even the fat, slow .45 round. These are available in a 10 pack, but MUST be mixed individually, on the range. These targets are $25.00 for 10 targets, shipping included to the lower 48 states.

We also have Exploding Clay Targets for the shotgun shooters out there. These targets attach to your clays and CANNOT BE USED with automatic launching equipment. You must use hand or spring launchers as you cannot stack the targets. These targets are also $25.00 for 10 targets, shipping included to the lower 48 states.

A word about our New Web-Site: The good news is that is has been completely revamped and looks amazing, including the long requested on-line shopping cart for convenience. The bad news is that it still has a few kinks and is a work in progress. Namely, a few of the pages are coming up, even on our home and business computers, with a security certificate error. There is not a security risk posed by the website, however, please feel free to contact us via e-mail at as alternative ordering method.

In the Research and Development department: Designed primarily for Patrick Flanigan ( we are back working on explosive fireball and various colored explosions for Patrick’s shows. As soon as we can get these targets in a consumer friendly format, I’ll let you know so that you can buy them too!

Our next Thunder In The Hills was scheduled for 17 October 2009 but there is no way that we can pull it off as we are so busy at this point. We hope to have a spring shoot next year.

For business owners and entrepreneurs out there, join our growing list of distributors and purchase at wholesale prices for sales in your store and/or at gun shows. Please e-mail us for an information packet about what OPI can offer your business!



Dave Mason
Ozark Pyrotechnics, Inc.
P.O. Box 118
Hartville, MO 65667-0118

I’ve had lots and lots of request for “Shotgun Boomers” and I put a couple of days worth of effort into it without success. Dave apparently has it figured out and is offering them for sale. I can occasionally get a pistol to detonate the boomers but that usually requires that you be entertainingly close and I don’t recommend that unless you fill out your nomination form for a Darwin award beforehand. And for rimfire detonation of our targets it requires a rifle, high velocity ammo, and close ranges.

I have this “thing” about encouraging people to learn precision long range shooting and just don’t have that much interest in the shotgun and pistol side of things. The “clean up”/high-intensity events came about because it wasn’t that much additional effort for me and so many people wanted to do it. I don’t really “get it” like I do the long range stuff but if that gets you fired up then Dave’s your man.

Please check the laws in your state/county before you decide to buy exploding targets. I would hate to have contributed to you having unexpected “quality time” with your local law enforcement officer. And please be very, very careful with them.


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  1. Joe,

    Where do you even look for the laws on this type of target? For us Washingtonians, where does this kind of target fit?

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