Comment spam attack

My blog has been getting new comment spam at the rate of about one every 15 seconds for several hours. I’ve enable Captcha for Comments which might have bugs in it which make leaving valid comments problematic.

Sorry about that.


7 thoughts on “Comment spam attack

  1. Joe, I have stopped 100% of the spam via a simple “What is 2+2” box.

    Apparently, though, it has stumped a few of my readers.

  2. Rob, that’s because we’re creatures of habit. We’re used to other means and it takes awhile to actually read the instructions.

    Yep, I’m guilty. 🙂

  3. Eh, no apologies needed – spam is just one of those things that has to be dealt with.

    I have had amazing success with a combination of Akismet and TypePad’s Anti-Spam, but I am not sure if your blogging engine can plug into those. Very few spams have gotten through, and only one “real” comment has been mislabeled (at least that people brought my attention to).

  4. We can try to make it work. Joe, you might consider a button to reset the code. Sometimes they are illegible.

    I was able to figure out tests like Robb’s. But engineers have calculators to help them out.

  5. I have the source code but seldom mess with it. There is a newer version out that I should upgrade to. It might have the reset button.

  6. More than happy to provide Ansible to anyone who wants it. It’s not really ready for release to the public, but with a little “WHY IN THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT???” you can get it running.

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