Quote of the day–Mike Beard

Last year, the Supreme Court overturned a handgun ban here in the federal enclave of Washington and ruled that the Second Amendment protects individual gun ownership (the justices did leave room for firearms regulation, saying government could prohibit guns in “sensitive places” and forbid ownership by certain dangerous people, such as felons). But the court did not say whether the Second Amendment also applies to the states.

The Supreme Court’s decision on whether to accept the Chicago case for consideration will be a key one and have a significant effect on gun-related litigation across the country.

Mike Beard
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
September 28, 2009
Does it Apply?
[Contrary to what fellow bigot Paul Helmke thinks Beard agrees with most pro-gun people in that the Chicago Gun Case is a big deal. We have a lot of work ahead of us. To continue my previous analogy just after the Heller decision we have liberated Paris from Germany and still have fierce resistance to overcome before we can win the war.–Joe]