Back in The Saddle

As reported elsewhere Kim and Connie sent out some emails to announce their return to the Internet. Here is most of mine:

From the “Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Roam The Internet” department:

Connie and I have decided to explore this strange new technology called “radio.” Starting on Saturday October 3rd, we will begin a weekend Internet radio show on

The show will run on Saturday and Sunday evenings, at 7pm Eastern/6pm Central. You can find a BlogTalkRadio widget to listen to our “preview” show at our new site:

We need help getting this off the ground, and a link or mention from you would be very much appreciated.

P.S. I still think this Internet thing is just a passing fad. Soon we’ll be back to quills and parchments, as it should be.

There is also a possibility that Kim will be attending Boomershoot 2010. The stars have to align properly for him and a position has to open up. But the odds are probably better than 50-50.


5 thoughts on “Back in The Saddle

  1. Gee, why doesn’t someone just offer to share their spot with him? If I had been able to get a spot I certainly would have. If the stars align for me to attend next year I’ll send him out an invitation. Looking forward to listening in.

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