Air gun control

Registration then confiscation. She barely conceals her agenda:

She added she would like to see a step-by-step programme involving all sales and transfers of air guns to be registered initially.

“After that there should be an amnesty when people can hand in air weapons that are not registered. After that we need to carry out universal registration with campaigns making it clear that air guns are not toys, they are lethal weapons that can kill.”

Don’t just laugh and poke fun at “where Great Britain used to be”. Remember that in Seattle you can go to jail for having a slingshot in your pocket even though you are legally carrying a .45 on your hip. The bigots will encroach on our rights in any way they can.


3 thoughts on “Air gun control

  1. I’ve been working in Seattle for ~5 years now, in a tiny technology company that was bought by a big technology company a bit over a year ago (meaning there are officially no life preservers at work). Several times leaving my workplace after a late night support session I’ve been glad I had my pizza spice spray and thinking about that deeper backup that I officially don’t have as the PO’d panhandler follows me in the video surveillance zone.
    Then there are the signs in the (occidental) park right outside my office. Just above eye level stating that mere taxpayers aren’t allowed to have firearms there. And of course the sure knowledge that if I run low on something and buy it in the city Mayor Nickels is getting his cut and using it to turn the people further into sheep.
    So I am so freaking happy to say out loud several times a day “I’m going to work from home” that I pretty much couldn’t stop myself from posting this comment. Sorry if it’s off topic. But I’m ecstatic to be taking my self and my resources away from these idiots, even if it’s only to a different set of idiots ~20 minutes away from here.
    And I’m going to buy a slingshot this afternoon. BoydK425

  2. It’s going to really suck when they finally get ’round to pointy stick and rock control.

  3. Mass also has the sling-shot regulation. I believe Maine does too, but I’d need to refresh.

    Oh and Mass also has a law against “Ballistic knives”, heh whatever good those pieces of shit will do. I’ll stick with my .45!

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