SteveB talks about what I’m working on

Windows mobile 6.5 will be out soon. Windows Mobile 7.0 will come out later.

I’m working on 7.0 and it looks very nice. I too was worried about 6.5 until I saw it for the first time last week (competely different team so it’s not quite so weird that I didn’t see it sooner). 6.5 is a big step forward and I am much less worried about it now.

The release of 7.0 will make me much happier with our position in the mobile phone market.

That is all… Back to work…


4 thoughts on “SteveB talks about what I’m working on

  1. Smaller resource footprint, more responsive interface, better process and resource management… that’d just about do it for me.

    I’ve never had a problem with the software availability of winmo; just the stuff above.

  2. I should have said “I have no complaints with 6.1.” had problems w/6, which might have actually been problems with Gen 1 Moto Q9cs. I don’t think Mrs. Drang has update to 6.1 yet.

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