The End Of An Era: Kalashnikov Maker To Seek Bankruptcy

Via email from Chet.

What? Do they only have enough money for food or something? I thought they could always find money to fund their hate of capitalism and buy more Kalashnikov rifles. But perhaps not:

Russia’s largest small arms manufacturer, the Izhevsk Mechanical Works [Izhmash], could be declared bankrupt. It became know today that a corresponding petition has been received by the arbitration court of [the Republic of] Udmurtia from the enterprise.

This largest Kalashnikov assault rifle manufacturer now stands idle. No state order means no money to pay employees, nor to repay debts to creditors.


8 thoughts on “The End Of An Era: Kalashnikov Maker To Seek Bankruptcy

  1. We can save them. We just need more import approvals here in the U.S. I’ll take six more copies, please. They’ll make great gifts once outfitted with UltiMAK mounts and American Optics.

  2. Does this mean that my Saigas, Mosin Nagants, and SKSs in original condition stamped with manufacture at Izhmash will become collector’s items and go up in value? That $75 M44 may end up being the best investment I have.

  3. Seems like the USSF, NRA, and various Mexican drug cartels need to band together and help them with a bailout. Heck, considering how the Messiah likes to hand out money, maybe the US government needs to extend a helping hand!? 🙂 Can we find a congresscritter to sponsor legislation to buy Izhmash out? Where’s the Brady Bunch and the Million Moms? They should be raising cash now to buy them and convert the factory output to flowerpots or Prius bumpers – but that would actually be doing something proactive…..

  4. Defens, That is almost something I could support (still don’t like the government taking over anything so in the end I am going to say NO!). But wouldn’t that be cool for commercials: AK-47, 60 years of battlefield reliability, Now made in the USA! You could even get the old music from the Army commercials (Be, all that you can be…) since they aren’t using them anymore.

  5. “…downsized so far that they no longer need any new small arms?” There’s still Molot (Vyatsky Polyany?) and at least one other, IIRC. Anyhow; Izhmash was not the only one.

  6. The Russian military just sends spies to the U.S. to buy all their small arms, rocket launchers, BMPs, etc. at gun shows. At least that’s what the news would have me believe.

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