THIS is an AK-47

A a good joke is based on at least a little bit of truth. Examples are here and the variation here.

Life imitated art just down the road from me (even closer to home is that Ry, son James, and I used to work in the building next door):

Kirkland police, contacted today for more details, said a passerby on their way to the local farmer’s market called 911 saying that they thought they saw someone walking down the street with an AK-47 about 4:20 p.m.

Here is the AK-47:


3 thoughts on “THIS is an AK-47

  1. Not that they ever would, but if Microsoft were to license that design to some manufacturer, they might sell more than they would think… even though fully 50% of it us rather superfluous…

  2. Well, there you go;
    “…passerby on their way to the local farmer’s market…”

    Seriously though, I bet that AK-47 could take out a whole column of tanks and armored vehicles from 67.825 miles with a single shot, or take out the International Space Station from an underground bunker, or turn a toothless white kid with a small penis from a trailer park into a terrorist at the first sight of it.

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