Swine flu strikes home

I found out a few minute ago that daughter Kim has Swine flu. She was at PAX last weekend and they are reporting others got sick there too.

Son James was also there and got sick as well but hasn’t been tested. He is feeling better but Kim is very sick with low blood pressure and the doctor wanting to give her an IV.

Barb spent quite a bit of time around Kim while she was sick before coming over to Seattle to see me yesterday. Tomorrow we leave to celebrate our anniversay (33 years last month) near Mount Hood and planned to do a lot of hiking. If we get sick those plans will change.

Gun bloggers are probably now very happy we are not going to be attending the Rendezvous.

Update: Kim is feeling much better this (Thursday September 10th) morning.


15 thoughts on “Swine flu strikes home

  1. Not at all! You’ll be missed.

    FWIW, my wife was bedridden with the flu (we don’t know if it was swine flu or the “regular” kind) from Thursday through Labor Day, and while tending her I also stayed up late every night working on various projects. Yet despite my close contact with her germs and my general lack of sleep, I didn’t get sick. So you and your wife may be just fine.

  2. Kinda funny, PAX is turning into a “ground zero” for swine flu. Several of my co-workers went to PAX. 2 were out sick today, and several people in our department were not “feeling well” when they went home.

  3. First two cases today in the office. Washington State University has over 2000 cases, UW has upwards of 1500. With the crossover of student bodies at WSU and U of I, I suspect that we’ll see a lot more before it gets better. However, most of the cases are sort of sick for a day, then really sick for 24-48 hours, then start to feel better.

    Incubation is 1-4 days. Hopefully no one takes it to the Rendezvous. LOTS of Purell hand wash should help.

    That said, if you have the classic signs of the flu: Fever, cough, muscle aches and pains and headache, chances are you have it. There is no other “plain old flu” hanging around right now, so if it tests positive for Type A flu, its almost a certainty that it is H1N1.

    Get well fast to all!!!

  4. I hope she gets better soon. Several friends and I were at PAX and are also out for the count with flu symptoms. The whole con got hit pretty hard this year. I had intended to go to GBR this year but now I’m very glad I didn’t have to travel again this weekend.

  5. Well, I know the normal response here “We’re praying for her” wouldn’t mean anything to you, so what else is there to say but …. well fuck, I hope she’s OK soon.

  6. I hope Kim gets better soon. IVs are great, when I got one (in India of all places) with the symptoms you described, I immediately felt better.

    I was at PAX. And I don’t feel well. I used a lot of precautions too.

  7. Hope you and yours are all better soonest. Commandress and I will miss you two at the Rondy. In fact, I’m sure everyone will. Stay well buddy.

  8. Thanks for all the good wishes. She is doing better this morning.

    Chris B. I don’t mind “I’m praying for you” responses to the news unless it is delivered with an attitude and the knowledge that I’m an atheist.

  9. Oh no! It is the much dreaded H1Nerd1. My son was at PAX as well – but so far, so good.

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