Quote of the day–Dr. Garen Wintemute

It’s just as a matter of logic that private party sales are more likely to result in criminal use of firearms, but it’s an inference at this point.

Dr. Garen Wintemute
September 2, 2009
Gun Show Report Critical of Sales
[The article goes on to say, “But Wintemute defended his report saying it was not meant to be a scientific study. Instead, he said he wanted people to see what happens at gun shows to encourage a closer examination of gun policy.”

What the frak? It wasn’t a scientific study? Is that the way it was received in the other press coverage? I don’t think so. They latched onto it with all the glee of Crack addict deprived of their fix for a week given free access to the police evidence room.

Let’s translate his “logic” into something more recognizable for what it is:

It’s just as a matter of logic that ni**ers being allowed in public after dark is more likely to result in criminal activity, but it’s an inference at this point.

Even if the activity in question did result in a measurable increase in criminal activity the exercise of a specific enumerated right unencumbered by the chilling effect of constant government monitoring is the price that must be paid.

H/T to Dave Workman for finding the article and giving us his own take on it.–Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Dr. Garen Wintemute

  1. Unfortunately the control nuts have been pushing the “danger” of gun shows and private transactions long enough that I can’t share what seems to me to be an optimistic view of this particular stench enhanced “report”. Sure, it’s illogical on the face of it, but our opponents seem to win with that. In Washington, Senator Adam Kline has demonstrated that he -doesn’t- -care- that the pro liberty side will pack hearing rooms, and in last years case entire buildings with pro liberty voters. He just keeps on pushing gun show “control” that would effectively eliminate shows in the state.
    “Leaders” like this, who come from the heart of urban left voting blocs simply have to be excised from power, we have to get the left leaning voters who give them power to stop. Or they’ll keep attacking our rights (and, if you think shows are not one key to your RKBA you are sadly mistaken) until they slowly change the public point of view and incrementally continue to erode your personal liberty. I hope folks are paying attention. -Boyd Kneeland

    We have less then two years to recruit fence sitters.
    Be ready for the 2010 election.
    Yizkor. Lo Od Pa’am. Remember. Never Again.

  2. I read his entire “study.” There was not a single new piece of information in there. Some of it read like it was straight from Wikipedia (in one case I checked the sentence and it was word for word the exact same). Interestingly enough, the pictures were not typical of any gun show I have been to. Frankly, if you weren’t intersted in guns (or maybe various modes of commerce), you would probably find a gun show as interesting as working at the Post Office. (Even car shows have the booth girls to attract attention, gun shows simply rely on the product.)

    Some pictures that would be more typical are: a bin of knifes/bayonets unlabeled with prices that only a military rifle buff would know what goes to what, a table full of stocks (not completed rifles) from everything under the sun, optics (theres always two or three at the shows I go to), a photo of the local police at the entrance and exit of the show putting those green, red, and yellow stickers on the firearms, the beef jerky dealer, more recently the dealer in Nepalese clothing (not sure how there is a gun show tie, but I always seem to stop and look).

    The biggest disappointment of all is he states at the beginning that they planned not to alert authorities to any illegal activity they observed. Does that make him complicit in any crimes now? Naturally, of the “illegal” activities he described, only about half were based on some known law, everything else was based on his “suspicions”. Granted I don’t know all the laws of every state, and I wasn’t there observing, but only two instances he mentioned were clearly illegal to me. And he didn’t report them. But I guess it is for research, so he must have the moral high ground.

  3. I’m thinking that the constant “niggers” interposition is wearing kinda thin. If bigotry is defined as a illogical aversion to a class of persons, then sure, gun controllers are often bigots. Does the “nigger” reference sound pretty far-fetched. I think so – even if there’s a grain of truth to it. Not sure it’s helping the cause much.

  4. To give “credit” where it is due, that whole “it was not meant to be a scientific study” thing was a masterful dodge. Wintemute knew that every major media source would pick up his writings as the Gospels From God Carried On The Wings of Angels just from his name alone, so the official-ness of it is somewhat irrelevant. However, if anyone were to challenge his numbers and conclusions directly, he could simply pull up the whole “it was not really a scientific study” nonsense, and any categorical, fact-based assault on it becomes null and void.

    Hell, he might as well have taken a page out of Atlas Shrugged, especially relating to the things the establishment did not really say about Rearden Metal…

  5. How normal. Another hoplophobe creates a “new” study full of the usual lies, and when he’s called on it lies about it.

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