Where’s Joe McCarthy When You Need Him?

We’ve all had it happen.  You mention the “S” word (socialism) in a political discussion and the one(s) on the Left act all indignant, denying that the socialism they’re advocating has anything to do with socialism; “Why, I’m shocked, I tell you!  Shocked!”

To accuse anyone of advocating communism is to guarantee that you’ll be flagged as a nutbag (as if there’s no such thing as communism anymore, even if there ever was).  Do not let that dissuade you.

This recording was circulating quite a bit last week, but it needs more attention.  It’s a Democrat Congresswoman from LA.  Suck on this, Leftists and Progressives.  If you’re not socialists or communists, then you’ll no doubt get this loyal Obama supporter kicked out of your party.  Furthermore, you’d no doubt be in support of a law banning all forms of socialism.  Right?  Since you’re not communist or socialist at all, in any way?  Right?

Meanwhile; the Republican Party remains AWOL, or in a drunken stupor, or they’re out chasing pink elephants with a bad case of the DTs.  They’re actually polling us right now about what we think of ObamaCare (looks at floor, shakes head and sighs).  I was dumb enough to actually take the poll, before I realized the full vastness of the stupidity of it.  A momentary lapse into Condition White, I guess.


3 thoughts on “Where’s Joe McCarthy When You Need Him?

  1. LOL. Terry; I really don’t know what to make of that comment. If you’re serious, the answer is;
    “Every part. Every last little bit of it, from its inception, from the thinking behind its inception, to all of its variants, to every attempt to implement it in any form, any time and anywhere it’s been foisted upon anyone. I consider socialism to be more offensive, more disgusting, more sickening, more dangerous, more deadly and more virulent than any disease– more destructive than any force known on Earth. Sold to the unwary as the warm-hearted answer to the suffering and problems we all face in life, it is the poison pill, cleverly slipped into all our forms of sustenance: our very food and drink, our homes, our schools and our institutions by the sick, the envious, the jealous and the hateful, who would be our masters and we their playthings.”

    Am I getting the point across so far?

    To me your question is like a mass murderer/cannibal saying, “I’m sorry I offended anyone. What part of me killing millions of people and enslaving the rest in a twisted, hate-based, altogether sick, and doomed attempt to remake the very nature of the human species (’cause I hate them) using people as toys for my amusement, while de-populating the Earth, do you disagree with?”

    My next comment would be in the form of a question;

    “What part of the wholesale demeaning of humanity through the denial of basic human rights, what part of the political leaders lording over “the masses” (as we are to be called) like so many gangster bosses using threats and intimidation as their primary tools, the wholesale looting of civilizations, the stagnation, decay, decline, suffering, and mass death do you actually agree with?”

    And my last answer is;
    “Dude– you need some fucking serious help, Man. Really.”

    If you’re not being serious– if that was a tongue-in-cheek comment, my answer is; “Chuckle chuckle chuckle”.

  2. Lyle, You have my apology if you thought that I meant you. This was my response to someone who had socialist views and denied he was a socialist. He could not answer me. My maternal grandmother was a Volga River German who immigrated here with her parents in 1917, one step ahead of the communist. The rest of the family did not get out and all dissapeared in 1932. She instilled a visceral hatred of socialism in me.

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