A few minutes of fame

I was invited to be on Blog Talk Radio tonight. I’ll be talking (or maybe mostly just listening) with a bunch of Gun Nuts. The official description of tonights show is (links added):

Joining us tonight will be a veritable cornucopia of blogging awesome, as LabRat, Stingray, Kevin Baker, Joe Huffman, and Robb Allen will be joining us to discuss blogging and current events. Don’t miss it!

Caleb also has a post up about the show.

Update: Breda says, like herding cats. She also says, “notorious for their independent, quick-witted, and sometimes even contrary characters”. The others on the panel are definitely very quick-witted I won’t think of witty things to say until an hour after the show is over. However, Barb will vouch for me being “notorious” and “contrary”.


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