Get off the line of attack!

Via email from Say Uncle:

I thought IDPA was supposed to be about real world defensive shooting. If so then why didn’t the shooter get off the line of attack? In my training at Insights we did a LOT of that. I kept wanting to push off to one side just watching this video.

Robb Allen also has some comments on the video.


4 thoughts on “Get off the line of attack!

  1. Maybe the shooter didn’t ask if he was allowed to move? Lots of folks in the shooting games don’t bother to ask key questions. And, of course, moving while shooting is likely to louse up your hit factor somewhat – IDPA is, after all, a game with a score.

  2. Yeah, I know. I’m not normal. I tend to get in trouble because I ask too many questions. This would have been one of those times the stage designer would have frowned at me and said something like, “You’re probably right, but that’s not the way we are going to shoot it.”

    I’m not that familiar with IPDA but couldn’t there have been a requirement to move out of the starting box or something? Sure, it would have made it difficult to get good hit factors but if you are going to claim simulation that is closer to reality then make the shooters do the right thing here.

    That criticism aside, this is still a great idea for a stage.

  3. Moving of the line of attack and using cover. . .that’s what I was taught at the Seattle Firearms Academy as well. And you have to practice moving and shooting, but you can still get good solid hits.

  4. Agree with ya both. If the stage REQUIRED lateral movement, so the playing field was level, that would be great. Not sure I’d do it unilaterally in a match just for the presumed training value of a single stage. But then, as Joe alluded, I’d probably move reflexively anyway, rules or no rules. Might even get busted for breaking the 180 if I advanced to the side and shot the target as it hurtled past!

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