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Most of their money comes from a single source, like Soros, the Joyce Foundation or the Tides Foundation (Maria Theresa Simoes Ferrara Heinz Kerry). Their “membership” is a joke.

Sad as the pro-gun lobby is in terms of membership — maybe six million nationwide out of 70-80 MILLION gun owners (and that double-counts many of us who belong to multiple organizations), we’re way more committed, individually, than the other side. That’s why the Brady Bunch “captured” (actually, co-opted) the name “and the Million Mom March” to give the impression of numbers that don’t exist.

Ditto Seattle’s “crime gun person,” whose huge salary is paid for by a grant from the anti-gun lobby.

Just more elitist SOBs who know better than you do how to run your life. You’re too stupid, so just shut up and do what you’re told, it’s for your own good. You see a lot of that mentality in the current health care debate, as well. The nanny-state crowd.

Joe Waldron
August 30, 2009
Washington CCW email list Subversive Gun Groups Question (membership required)
[How many members does the Brady Campaign have? Oh, that’s right. There isn’t even a way to become a member on their website.

This is reflected in the number of gun blogs as well. I only know of one active anti-gun blog that isn’t a paid position. There are 127 pro gun blogs listed at GunBloggers and that is just a partial listing as I know of some gun blogs that aren’t on that list (although I know there are some inactive blogs on that list as well).

I’ve attended numerous public hearings (such as this one) and public demonstrations. We outnumbered them at least 10 to one each time. Sometimes 100 to one. The rallies for I-676 a while back–we outnumbered them 1000 to one.

If the big money of the special interest anti-gun groups with the cooperation of the mainstream media wasn’t in play it would be game over for them.–Joe]


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  1. “This is reflected in the number of gun blogs as well. I only know of one active anti-gun blog that isn’t a paid position.”

    Might I ask who that is?

    The apathy of non gun owners is a fact, but I found it interesting that so few gun owners, percentage-wise, belong to the pro-gun organizations. Maybe there’s a bit of apathy there too.

  2. And remember we know nothing of MikeB except that he’s a liar.

    Could just-as-well be he’s a paid shill as it is that he’s just some mentally ill old man languishing in a basement Apartment in New Jersey…

  3. The anti-gun position is a corporate/governmental one targeted at disarming citizens against the Constitution and putting us all in the position of victims. The anti-gun position is propaganda. The Brady Campaign is just that–a PR campaign, not a membership organization. Membership implies commitment to a position; PR is just mind control. The Brady Bunch has as many Republicans as Democrats, and the NRA has cut more gun rights eroding deals than we can know.

    I speak as a retired mind engineer who always tried to work for grassroots issues and causes and positions. I retired when it became clear that corporate money (“foundations”) were taking over the whole game, translating grassroots concerns into demographics that can be exploited for power and profit.

    As for pro-gun membership, there are a lot of us who are reluctant to join organizations that rely on racist, sexist, homophobic, proselytizing, or political messages and manipulations. Even Joe Waldron can’t resist taking a cut at Obama through the proxy of health care when ostensibly talking about gun group membership. Even Joe Waldron pimps the idea of the victimization of tens of millions of law-abiding gun owners. I don’t see how it’s any different when pro and anti gun people put us all in the position of victims (unarmed or armed).

    I am not a victim. I am strong, prepared, and within my rights and the law. I will not give that up because it is my birthright. That is a statement of strength that has nothing to do with all the other corollary crap that’s been hung on gun ownership. I know a lot of pro gun liberals who dare not speak up, because the NRA and other groups/organizations have gotten THEIR corporate foundation funding to slam liberalism using guns as a point of entry.

    We must all hang together, for if we don’t we’ll most surely hang separately.

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