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As I mentioned on Twitter yesterday I had a request for permission to use some of my pictures in an Italian magazine and blog. He told me:

Both on my site and on my articles, I write about reloading, especially for pistols.

One of my elaboration led me to examine the correlation between recoil intensity and bullets weight. I will public this article both on my site and on “Armi Magazine” journal. Now I am searching some pictures about recoil.

This email to ask you if I could use some of beautiful photos from your blog, in particular that in attached (have you the HD format ?), for sure I will mention your name on the pictures.

Here are the pictures (cropped down to the interesting parts) I sent him:

Some of you will recognize the guns and others will recognize their own hands.

Update: I have a .pdf file of the completed article now. Only the first picture above was used (Robb, your hands may soon be famous in Italy). Once the article is actually published I should be getting a link to it and I will post it. Here is the title of the article:

“Tiro dinamico: palla leggera o pesante ?” – “Dynamic shooting (IPSC): light or heavy bullet?”

Sub title: “Rilevamento e tempo di riarmo di una pistola in funzione del peso palla” – “Recoil and slide time as a function of bullet weight”

As I have been shooting IPSC (now USPSA) for nearly 15 years this is a topic of great interest to me. From what I can tell looking at the graphs and picking up a few words and numbers in the article this is a very interesting article. I’ll probably spend the time to run it through an automated translator to get a better idea of what it says.


9 thoughts on “Pistol recoil pictures

  1. Joe, Congratulations on that request from the Italian site Armi è Strumenti. That is a fascinating site, more concerned with the science of guns and gun powder than the gun rights issues we often talk about. Fascinating. I’m not surprised they want to publish some of your photos.

  2. MikeB302000,

    Yes. I ran the site through a automated translator before I sent him the pictures. I agree, it is very interesting.


    I didn’t take any video of the events. Sorry.

  3. Well ain’t that just shiny… Congratulations to both you, Joe, and to Robb, for having the hands of the hour. Of course, I am sure Para will enjoy the free publicity as well ;).

  4. Very interesting Italian blog, love their use of an electron microscope, don’t see that in too man gunrags! Also that Tanfoglio 1911 in the Caldwell Hammr rest looks kinda trick.
    My guess is that, because they don’t have an enumerated right, to publicly validate the(ir) use of firearms and avoid sensationalism (that sells magazines) they need to cloak it with a scientific/technical research aspect.

  5. I guess my fingers were too powder-stained in that second shot? Those 155gr. frangibles had a higher recoil impulse than you’d think, didn’t they?

  6. I suspect it wasn’t the powder-stained fingers. I had to crop that picture, and all except for the one of Robb, down to what you see here. The resolution is rather poor and the pictures are a little bit blury. I still had quite a bit of resolution left with the one of Robb’s hands.

  7. Oh, yeah. Those 155 grain frangibles did have a lot of snap. I much prefer shooting heavier bullets for the same “Power Factor”.

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