Senator Kennedy is dead

Senator Ted Kennedy died yesterday.

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Kennedy was a vehement foe of gun owners. I gave him a little slack because two of his brothers were murdered by people with guns. But he used that all up, and more, with his treatment of women in general and Kopechne in particular.

Update: More gun bloggers have something to say:


4 thoughts on “Senator Kennedy is dead

  1. The man died, as do we all. In that much we will be forever equal. I take no pleasure in it, though we are all certainly entitled to comment on one’s actions in life.

  2. My uncle was killed with a gun. His son murdered him. I identified the body. And I’m not an anti-gun nut. I don’t cut him a moment’s slack, never had, never will. I don’t take any pleasure in his death but I’m damned glad he’s not around peddling his bullshit anymore.

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