Gun blogger roulette

Everyone knows what Russian Roulette is. But have you heard the joke about French Roulette? Yes, there is a real game by this name but many decades ago it was also a joke involving Bridget Bardot.

The post from Tamara this morning reminded me of the joke. I have modified it by substituting a different person for Bardot and it becomes “Gun Blogger Roulette” instead of French Roulette.

Q: Do you know how to play Gun Blogger Roulette?
A: Six guys take showers and you give them each a towel when they get out–one of the towels has Roberta X. in it.

Yeah, I know. I’m risking a lot with that.

It’s all in good fun, right? Right? Please?


9 thoughts on “Gun blogger roulette

  1. Kris,

    There was a reason I mentioned Bridget Bardot. I’m not saying Roberta is in the same league as Bardot but, assuming she is okay with it, finding your towel contains Roberta is going to be a pleasant surprise.

  2. Hubba-hubba! Either one would suit me just fine. Ummm-ummm-ummm! (sigh. . . )

  3. Roberta may not be a movie star, but have you seen Bardot lately? I’d take Bobbi any day over that dried up French has-been.

  4. Not only does Roberta look better, but she has smarts and personality, which count for a lot in my book.

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