Black man with a gun

Alan Korwin has a really good post about the guy with the AR-15 in Arizona. As Alan lives in the area he knows a little more about the guy than the rest of us.

I just love the media interactions Alan had after the event:

Chicago’s WGN couldn’t believe we have the right to keep and bear arms out here. I had to tell them most places have RKBA, a surprise to them in their little cloister. “Do people shoot each other on the streets a lot?” They actually asked that. These folks aren’t in a bubble, they’re in a vacuum, they get nothing. “With your new guns-in-bars law, which has created quite a commotion here in Chicago, are there shootouts in bars?” I’m not making this up.

A Chicago caller to the show asks, “Well do you carry your golf clubs or exercise equipment into a restaurant?” This imbecile actually thinks he’s making sense. Gun ignorance has so blinded him, this is how he uses his 30 seconds of fame. I tell him of course I don’t. So he concludes, “See, you’re full of baloney,” and hangs up. He’s not even thinking rationally, and is convinced he’s right. Does he even know what the shooting sports are? I don’t think so.

WGN mentions that in Chicago, NYC, and DC, where the major news orgs are based, this black-man-with-a-black-gun thing strikes them as stunning. Coincidentally these three cities are among the most repressive civil rights deniers in the nation — and they have the gun-crime records to show for it. Guns are virtually banned for the innocent, yet armed criminals run around at will. But they cannot connect the dots.

So let me ask them. “Why aren’t the people who stole your rights arrested?”


5 thoughts on “Black man with a gun

  1. I have a tee-shirt that states “Free men own guns — Slaves don’t.”

    Considering how some municipalities deny persons their basic rights, who says slavery is dead? Methinks it’s time for the “slaves” to revolt and demand their freedom.

    BTW, I look upon gun control as the number one cause of young urban men and women turning into criminals. All they know is that the folks with the guns get respect, and everyone else gets pushed around. If they want to be respected and have the ability to take care of themselves, they join the criminal element or become a victim for life.

  2. “Why did you wear clothing to the rally, are you making a statement that naked human body is bad?” Chris Matthews, is a jerk (polite term).

    No he didn’t ask that question, but he might as well have.

    Not only does he apparently think that the sidearm will jump out of the holster and start shooting people unbidden, but that the mere carrying of a tool means something.

    Why did you wear those Nike Shoes? Are you trying to make a statement about foriegn trade?

    No, I wear shoes because the are servicable and protect my feet.

    The gun?

    Under my command, protects my life.

  3. I regularly take my sporting equipment into a shop, restaurant and pub, on a daily basis. Not once have I been denied entry because of it. Then again, this is Seattle.

  4. I heard last night on the news that the guy with the AR was solicited and planted there by white supremacists. I am not kidding.

  5. Ah, WGN Chicago… At least they show the Cubs.

    Slowly, even here, the attitudes are changing amongst the regular Joe’s… I wonder how much longer Chicago can retain control over the rest of Illinois.

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