Data reduction

On Friday my officemate told me Kris had just stopped by and left something for me. I found a damaged Pocket PC with a note on it asking that I do an Idaho Stress Test on it. I contacted Kris via IM for more details. The screen had been damaged and was completely non-functional. There was company sensitive data on the device which needed to be destroyed and Kris wanted me to do this for him.

On Saturday daughter Kimberly and I went to the Boomershoot site and, among other things, destroyed the data for Kris. I also had a hard disk that was in similar need of “data reduction” and we deleted the data on both items at the same time.

Tomorrow I’ll deliver the pieces Kim and I found to Kris but for the rest of you here are a few pictures assembled into a video:


6 thoughts on “Data reduction

  1. Dang! Govt. regs had us either degaussing or soaking in solvent to remove magnetic media layer from drive. I like you method MUCH better.

  2. Apparently I could also enter the password incorrectly a bunch of times. This was far more interesting though.

  3. Kris, IT could have done a remote wipe on it as well.

    But I wasn’t going to tell you that until after I did my thing with it.

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