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There are those who don’t like Americans owning guns at all, let alone carrying them about. They can be counted on to run about squawking like Chicken Little that the sky is falling – a calamity brought about by the presence of an armed citizen in public. We are warned that: “Somebody might grab the gun and do something bad! The armed citizen will intimidate others! Tempers will flare and blood will run in the streets!”

These are the same alarms that are sounded when any measure designed to facilitate citizens keeping and bearing arms is advanced. And the alarms are always false. One would think that consistently being wrong would be embarrassing, but one would be wrong about those who assume that common citizens are untrustworthy and dangerous.

Larry Pratt
August 20, 2009
He Had a Gun and Nothing Happened
[Embarrassing? They have no shame, how could they be embarrassed? Their minds are locked into the reality of an alternate universe, sort of a Mirror, Mirror like place. And even though their concepts and assumptions are demonstrably false here they try to take over our universe. If we could just get Spock to transport them swap them back with their counterparts in the other universe things would be so much better.–Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Larry Pratt

  1. but one would be wrong about those who assume that common citizens are untrustworthy and dangerous.

    When actually they are trustworthy and dangerous!

    Quote needed to be finished.

  2. Not all “common citizens are untrustworthy and dangerous,” certainly. But some of you are. The problem is the responsible and the irresponsible often appear the same. So the more guns the more open carry the more CC permits, the more trouble we have too.

    Or do you guys stick with that old idea that the trouble makers among you are less than one tenth of one percent.

  3. MikeB302000,

    As pointed out to you many, many times before the problem is “what is it you want to do about it even if it is 10%”? Do you want to forbid all religious belief because some will use it as justification for evil purposes? Do you want to forbid free speech because some will abuse it?

    The same applies to the specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms. There can be no legal justification for violation of this right until after the person has abused the right.

    See also these posts QOTD–Joe Huffman and Dangerous Thoughts.

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