Quote of the day–Rick Perlstein

Carrying a gun to a political meeting is an obscenity. Anyone who does it, even if they are within their legal rights, should be ashamed. Our founders fought a revolution (and, yes, took up arms) to build a society where political disputes are not settled through force or intimidation–and that’s the only purpose of bringing a weapon to a political discussion: to intimidate.

It is utterly unacceptable, and every politician should have the guts to say so.

Rick Perlstein
August 18, 2009
Outlook: In America, Crazy Is a Pre-existing Condition
‘ … the crazy tree blooms in every moment of liberal ascendancy …’

[Just so you know what they think of you.

I wonder what he thinks of the White House response–that open carry at political events is no big deal. Does he think President Obama has no guts?

I think he may have just had the wind sucked out of his sails.–Joe]


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  1. Would you please correct me if I am wrong but, wouldn’t our founding fathers have brought firearms to political meetings?


  2. Based on the modern history of capitulation and co-operation with tyrants of the Jews, I simply don’t listen to Jews when they discuss issues relating to freedom or self-defence. Unless they are Benjamin Netanyahu or /perhaps/ a member of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Rights.

  3. Sure. No one has ever yelled obscenities at a political protest before.

  4. I was really surprised, pleasantly surprised, by the White House reaction. They essentially took the wind out of the sails of the folks trying to make a big issue out of this. The only thing I can figure is they view the attention as a distraction against the message they are trying to get out there on health care, and wanted to put the kibosh on these kinds of incidents. Had the White House come out and denounced it, I could bet that there would be more of them at the next rally.

    The White House once again seems to signal its other agenda is more important to it than the gun issue. Good news for us, but really bad news for the gun control advocates.

  5. I would open carry at political rallies just to dissuade any union thugs from getting ideas of roughing up dissenters.

    Open carry doesn’t intimidate me. Union thugs in groups, when I’m unarmed and have no martial arts skills, do.

  6. I’ve carried (concealed) many times while at political events. And I knew that many others (including some open carry) that do as well. It really is “No big deal”. For someone to say exercising a specific enumerated right is an “obscenity” says more about what the person thinks of that right than it does about the person exercising that right.

  7. It’s wrong, it’s insane, it’s obscene – bla-bla-blah – when Black Panthers do it it’s ok, nevermind, nothing to see here, just move along…

  8. “Yes. In this case he had no guts. Shame on him.”

    Well, the kids in the Whitehouse know something that maybe you haven’t considered. Gun sales since last October have been very brisk, with a lot of new shooters enjoying the satisfaction of gun ownership, inspired in part by concerns over possible new gun-rights infringements. We all know that more infringements are on the wish list for the radical, anti-libertarian Left that now controls Washington. If BO had decided to “show some guts” and sharply denounce the RKBA as you would wish, there would certainly have been even more such backlash, and my gun accessories business would have experienced another nice little bump along with the gun industry as a whole.

    The gun business has been brisk nationwide, states and locales have been loosening the infringements, the ammo business has been brisk nationwide, gun manufacturers and gun training sites are now advertizing on national network television and radio. The more the antis flap their silly pie holes about the eeeeeevils of citizen gun rights, the better the business gets. Keep it up. We like the stimulus.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to call Charles and see of he has any 7.5 mm Swiss in stock. I just got a nice little K31 rifle (beautiful workmanship, BTW – really stunning) and I’m hankering to give it a workout. After that I have to fabricate a countersink for the 50 cal rifle I’m building, so I don’t have a lot of time to deal with the America-hating totalitarians today.

  9. I have to admit, I find it rather impressive that someone would actually come out and say, in almost those words, that exercising one’s rights is an obscenity. I mean, I can certainly undrestand how exercising one’s rights can be an obscenity, but just the blanket statement that it is, period, full stop? Yeah, you have to give the guy credit for at least being honest about how he feels.

    Granted, he is a maliciously ignorant idiot, but that goes without saying.

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