I’m in a daze

I read the headline and article before seeing Dave Hardy’s blog post and I’ve been wandering around my underground bunker doing a few household chores and I tried to get my mind around what this means.

I’m not sure I would necessarily agree with Dave, but I can’t say that I disagree when he says, “Time for Brady Campaign employees to circulate resumes” in response to the Washington Post running a headline that says, “White House Backs Right to Arms Outside Obama Events“.

Maybe after I sleep on it overnight I’ll have something of my own to say.


1 thought on “I’m in a daze

  1. The headline is a puff piece to attempt to get & keep the Red Shed (ht to PIGazette) up front, in the headlines & attempt to be relevent to the “citizen.”

    Other then that, it’s puzzling & IR-relevent. It doesn’t matter WHAT the Red Shed thinks about our right to arms. Unless The Annointed One is willing to risk attempting to repeal the 2A & and the resulting all-out civil war over the matter.

    Obeyme’s & the SocDem’s leadership’s behaviour is becoming more & more erratic & paranoid. Reminds me of what I’ve read about the last days of WWII (no, I wasn’t there), with Hitler’s increasingly erratic behaviour and decisions. Any day now, I expect to read somewhere (MSM? Probably not) about a rash of suicides & body burnings within the DC enclave.

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