Sweaty sex

It’s not exactly a research paper with lots of data but it is a plausible hypothesis:

One of the most intimate forms of loving, it’s far from unsexy. When it comes to excreting buckets of moisture from your skin, wetter can be better. While many would wrinkle their noses at the notion of an antiperspirant meltdown, the action it can inspire captures sexy in its most animalistic form.

So who would’ve thought sweaty sex could be sexy and good for you? There are a number of benefits to working up a sweat; provided you both have a clean bill of health and you stay hydrated.

Sweaty sex:

— Means more calories and fat are being burned during a vigorous sex session;
— Allows for more slithery sex as your bodies slide all over one another;
— Makes for a body suctioning effect that enhances feelings of “we’re one” during sex;
— Offers new sensations that appease our need for variety, like salty kisses;
— Puts a twist in your routine as it taps into your inner instinct of raw, uninhibited sex;
— Can have the two of you resembling the wet sleekness of “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit models, with slicked back hair or shiny skin;
— Releases more of our natural scents, particularly those around the groin, which can be an aphrodisiac, even if on a subconscious level.

I’ll put it on Dr. Joe’s list of things that need further first hand (so to speak) research.

I’d tell you which blogger this reminds me of because she very recently mentioned both sex and a sweaty experience on her blog–but then I would have to kill myself.


4 thoughts on “Sweaty sex

  1. Not so coincidentally, that pretty much describes any sex in Australia during summer without air conditioning around.

  2. I’ve heard that sweat is a major problem when considering zero-gravity nookie. Not that anyone has published any real research into the matter, but I can’t believe we’ve been up in space for this many years without a few astronauts doing the Gumby Pokey.

    However, what I’ve read about ‘theoretical’ space-porn, the sweat would bead up then eventually come loose in globs and not be a good lubricant.

    I can’t believe Russia hasn’t done an entire program just for this type of research…

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