Quote of the day–Cameron Hopkins

Will more .38 Supers show up next year? Is the .45ACP now obsolete? In a nut shell, no. The .45 will continue to dominate. The cost of shooting a .38 Super loaded to make major caliber are astronomical. The brass is only good for one loading due to the pressures that swell the web. The beating the gun takes drastically reduces gun life compared to that of a .45.

Cameron Hopkins
American Handgunner
May/June 1985, p. 54
[FYI, nearly 25 years after writing the above Hopkins is still writing.

Just another reminder for myself.

It’s risky to make predictions. I do it anyway and I’m reckless enough to sometimes put the predictions in writing. You would think that seeing the colossal failures of others that do this would be warning enough–but apparently it is not.–Joe]