New shooter report

A friend of Barb’s and mine for over twenty years contacted me recently and asked to take me up on my offer to teach her to shoot. We went to Wades this afternoon. I had her shooting my Ruger Mark II. It has a six inch bull barrel and her arms got tired quickly. I went back out to the front desk and utilized my “free rental” (comes with being a member) for a Browning Buck Mark. It was much lighter and she did better.

At about 10 feet nearly all of her shots were within the black. After about 20 rounds she told me, “Maybe I should buy a gun.” I said we could talk about it after we got outside. I did a little bit of shooting with the Buck Mark and my Gun Blog 45 then we left.

In the parking lot I asked her about why she wanted a gun. The answer was the economy is probably going to get worse and Obama may make it difficult to get a gun. She wanted a gun to be able to protect herself and her youngest daughter who lives with her. She asked how much a gun costs and if a .22 would be okay for her needs. I suggested she should practice some more and try to get the strength to be able to shoot something a little bigger. But, the most important selection criteria was that she feel comfortable shooting it. If that means a .22 then that would be best for her.

I emailed her a link to this class which would let her shoot a number of guns as well as cover other important issues of gun ownership such as self-defense legal issues. She responded with:

I will sign up the class with my brother.

Thank you so much for teaching me. You are a great teacher. …you can post the comment to the blog too. 🙂

We are winning the gun rights issue one new shooter at a time.


8 thoughts on “New shooter report

  1. Mmmmm. A friend for twenty years and only now looking at guns. I would think that she, seeing and talking to you regularly, wouldn’t have been afraid of guns like some of the others but still wasn’t interested enough to give it a go. I wonder what change in particular was her turning point, the straw that broke the camels back? What was the statement/decision made by Obama that made her decide to contact you? Many others will have done exactly the same thing but won’t have a friend to turn to so they can get good advice because they have avoided people like yourself in the past.

    Times are a changing and here is hoping that many other changes are also taking place in minds all over the country.

  2. I wondered “why now?” a bunch too and asked a several different times in different ways.

    It is about self-defense and the economy, “If things get really bad.”

    She didn’t mention it as a contributing reason but she is single now. She wasn’t single for most of the time we have known her. I did take her ex-husband out shooting for the first time but that was about 10 or 12 years ago. It could be that she feels more responsible for her own self-defense now than she did previously.

  3. In other, more free, states such as the one she lives in she doesn’t need a reason or even for the government to know that she owns a gun.

  4. Regardless of her reasons or her late arrival at the party, I must say that the look of absolute elation on her face makes me think she is now a true believer.

  5. Yup. Turning America back into a nation of riflemen, one citizen at a time.

    Well done, Joe.

  6. Excellent course recommendation too! My wife took that the first time I took GDH and thoroughly enjoyed it. The Insights folks are awesome.

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