Quote of the day–Dave Workman

The VPC and Freedom States crowd would have us all believe that every armed citizen is just like George Sodini, and that he is like all of us; a killer waiting to strike.

While they are loathe to admit it, there is really no difference between gun bigots and racial or religious bigots. One form of class hatred is no less divisive than another.

Dave Workman
August 7, 2009
New anti-gun strategy: Demonize CCW holders
[The bigot meme is getting more visible. Although I can’t take any credit for bringing Workman up to speed on it. Alan Gottlieb and he were the ones who first infected me.–Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day–Dave Workman

  1. two shooters? This is starting to look like another black op:

    George Sodini was dressed all in black when he entered LA Fitness Center yesterday — a black headband, [b]black pants, a black jacket[/b], according to Allegheny County Superintendent Charles Moffatt.

    Yet the only interview of a named witness saw something different:

    Solomon said the alleged gunman walked in wearing [b]shorts[/b] and a [b]muscle shirt[/b].

    Police said Sodini had four pistols, yet others saw something else:
    He pulled out a gun and started firing and people began falling to the floor. Ms. Falk said she briefly got a look at what appeared to be a [b]short-barrel rifle[/b].

    There is no question police thought there might have been a second shooter:

    A gym manager led the officers to the aerobics room, where they saw shell casings, blood, bodies. The smell of gun powder was pungent.
    As they prepared to help the injured, another call came on the scanner: There was [b]a possible second shooter[/b], barricaded in a closet.

    A trail of blood from inside the fitness center led to a nearby [b]hillside[/b], prompting Devin to request a state police helicopter and infrared sensor, [b]fearing a wounded suspect had run from the scene[/b]. Police didn’t know how many shooters had attacked the gym, or whether any were alive.

    Interestingly, police have not released the names of all the wounded, though they implied all were women. But what if one of them was male?

    The media may have picked up on a different version of events, as evidenced by this quote:

    Superintendent Moffatt …. responded to [b]questions about the scene[/b] last night saying it was extremely chaotic, particularly because it is such a big facility.

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