Speaking of stupid

There has to be more to this query than is in the search terms. I can’t believe someone is so stupid to ask a question like, “Does the actual bullet go in you”?

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I keep thinking of ways at demonstrating the answer in ways that would prove Darwin correct but unfortunately involve illegal acts.


4 thoughts on “Speaking of stupid

  1. I’m wondering if there is a confusion between a bullet and a cartridge; I’ve actually met people who think the whole cartridge is fired out of a gun.

  2. I wondered that too. But I thought it was funnier if I ignored that possibility.

    Even if that was their thought I still have trouble having respect for someone that might imagine the entire cartridge is the projectile. Even a few milliseconds of thought should result in a conclusion that that hypothesis is total nonsense. If after taking the time to do the web search if it still doesn’t sink in, before they clicked on a link in the search results, my claim is they have a subnormal I.Q.

  3. It’s not too hard to understand given the almost total lack of information in the Old Media and in the public schools. Then there is all the misinformation floating around. Remember the cartoons that showed complete cartridges flying through the air? A person does have to start somewhere, as we’re all born ignorant. Not knowing even enough to ask the right questions puts a person in a dificult position. Then I suppose the person could have searched, “how guns work” without knowing anything.

    “Does the actual bullet go in you?” Not if I have anything to say about it.

  4. I remember the cartoons.

    But my thought is it that it shouldn’t be a matter of available information. It should be obvious to the most casual observer that it doesn’t make sense for the shell casing, with its strange shape (i.e. a rim), to be traversing the barrel of a gun. The gun powder has to be in the shell casing. If it’s between the base and the pointy part (the bullet) then the base and pointy part will be parting ways during the firing process. The barrel is not a launching tube for a rocket, it’s a pressure chamber with a plug. If it were a launching tube then gun fire would be much quieter.

    I can’t remember ever not knowing that. Like I said, milliseconds to figure that out. If you aren’t too bright then a few seconds. But to persist in some other belief for more than a few seconds–I can’t imagine how someone could do that.

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