James has a girlfriend

Son James and daughter Kim invited Barb and me to go out to dinner tonight before Kim headed back to Idaho tomorrow morning. They said it was a late birthday dinner for Kim with James since he wasn’t in Idaho when everyone else celebrated Kim’s birthday last month.

It turns out there was another beautiful woman at the table with James when we arrived. And James and this young woman were making a lot of physical contact at the table. We were introduced to Kelsey–James’ girlfriend. It turns out Kim, Xenia, and even Lisa had known about her for some time now. That explains why Kim and Xenia were putting up so much resistance to my plan to introduce James to the new team member at work I’m mentoring. Barb had plans to introduce him to the woman Kim calls “The Boomershoot Girl” who I would have found acceptable as well. But James found someone without his parents help. It is sometimes a surprise to parents that there comes a time when you don’t have wipe their nose, hold their hand with crossing the street, and checking out who they socialize with.

Kelsey appears to be very bright and socially adept. James needs someone super smart in order to hold his interest and respect.

Barb and I are very pleased with his choice.


7 thoughts on “James has a girlfriend

  1. Did they tell you the story about how I had to STALL FOR HOURS so that James could finish up his date with her? It was that time we dropped off the cord for Lisa and then went to get groceries. Yeah. It’s stressful keeping a secret!

  2. Oh yeah, John knows about her too, we had a “double date” at James’ place and played video and card games.

  3. Yes Xenia, they told us about you stalling for hours.

    John knew too?

    Fixed the spelling. Sorry about that.


  4. Let the interrogation commence. . .
    #1 (with a bullet) (LOL!) Does she shoot??

  5. I considered asking if she wanted to go to the range but decided I’d let James suggest that. So, I don’t know the answer yet. She knows about Boomershoot and didn’t seem to have problem with it.

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