Guns in schools–one year later

A report on guns on campus after one year.

What? No professors shot for not giving someone the grade they thought they deserved? No shooting demonstrations at the keggers?

Nope. Everything is pretty much the same, including the gun-grabbers still refuse to acknowledge the obvious solution to, and contributing cause of, school shootings:

One year ago, David Thweatt made a decision so controversial and groundbreaking the story about it sped around the world.

The superintendent of the isolated Harrold Independent School District, about 30 miles northwest of here, made history last August when he and his school board decided to allow select teachers and staff members at the 110-student school to carry guns on campus — a first for Texas and the nation.

“Would you stick a sign at a school that says, ‘No guns on this property’? Why wouldn’t you? It invites nasty people to come,” he said. “That’s what you’ve done to every public school in the nation. That’s why there were no shootings until Columbine. It’s turned into a dad-gum shoot fest.”

When a London reporter asked Thweatt to explain why so many kooks go into schools looking for a body count, Thweatt said he couldn’t explain such a devolution of society, but he did know a simple way to stop it — the same solution he chose for Harrold ISD.

“Good guys with guns — good,” he said. “Bad guys with guns — bad.”


4 thoughts on “Guns in schools–one year later

  1. I think certain recent school and college shootings would have gone down differently if the good guys on campus had been able to protect themselves.

    For starters, the body count would almost certainly be lower.

  2. I’m glad to see this story, because we need more like them, but whatever happened to reporters checking their facts before making claims like “a first for Texas and the nation”? True, it’s a first for Texas, but it only makes 4th place in the nation… “Since the fall semester of 2006, state law has allowed licensed individuals to carry concealed handguns on the campuses of the nine degree-offering public colleges (20 campuses) and one public technical college (10 campuses) in Utah. Concealed carry has been allowed at Colorado State University (Fort Collins, CO) since 2003 and at Blue Ridge Community College (Weyers Cave, VA) since 1995 (” Additionally, “After allowing concealed carry on campus for a combined total of one hundred semesters, none of these twelve schools has seen a single resulting incident of gun violence (including threats and suicides), a single gun accident, or a single gun theft.”

    Shocker! Law abiding citizens who legally carry concealed weapons everyday off campus don’t suddenly turn into criminals, killers, or vigilantes the moment they step foot on a campus.

    This country needs more people like David Thweatt.

  3. Actually it is a first for Texas and the nation. The school in the article is not a college, but a single campus K-12 school.

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