Yesterday afternoon I spent some time cleaning up the garage (not that anyone other than family could tell if they were to take a look at it even now). I sorted all the mixed caliber brass and put a batch of .40 S&W in the case cleaner. I figured I would take it out after supper. I forgot about it and instead of the usual two hours in the Dillion CV-750 it spent about 12 hours.

I now have some very shiny brass.

Update: Kris (in comments) wanted pictures.

See also the .300 Winchester Magnum brass I put in Sunday Morning:


5 thoughts on “Shiny

  1. Just got done tumbling my 30-06 from the range today. Took my M1 garand out for the first time ever. There were three people shooting 30-06 and they all happily donated brass to me. I’m gonna have to buy reloading supplies in bulk for that gun.


  2. Joe, I am most disappointed that this post is not accompanied with photos.

  3. You could take ’em to a buffing wheel and make ’em shinier, then finish ’em off with rouge for a mirror finish. Gold plating optional.

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