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My old link to this was broken so I had to go looking for it and thought I would share.

It’s a Classifer Calculator for USPSA stages. If you know your hit factor [(Points – Penalities)/Time] for shooting a stage then it will compute what percentage of the best shooters in the world your score represents. This percentage is used to calculate your classification. I’m considered a B-class shooter. The percentage ranges and classifications are:

Grand Master 95 to 100%
Master 85 to 94.9%
A  75 to 84.9%
B  60 to 74.9%
C  40 to 59.9%
D  2 to 40%

The USPSA will compute your percentage and post it on their website a week or two after your club sends in the results but if you want to know sooner you can use the Classifier Calculator to get the answer immediately.

Using Caleb’s recent practice result I compute his hit factor at 7.8717 which yields 72.878% in the Limited Division. If he can do this consistently on a number of different stages in competition he is an upper B-class shooter.


3 thoughts on “Classifier Calculator

  1. Hey, that’s pretty neat. I ran it for Production Division, and it put me at the lower tier of “A-class” shooters, 76% and change.

    Clearly, it would be in my best interests to sandbag a little and be around the top tier of B-class shooters. 😀

  2. In USPSA “Production” guns must not have more than 10 rounds in a magazine after the start signal. Holsters must be “suitable for everyday use”. The ammo capacity wouldn’t matter on this stage (but would on others) but the holster you were wearing appears (it’s a little tough for me to see it in the video) to put you in “Limited”.

  3. I did that drill with the shitty “XD Gear” (Fobus) holster that comes with the XDM, which I think is clear for Production. I just got my BladeTech SRB in the mail the other day and did some shooting with that – the BladeTech is legal for Production and for IDPA use, and I have to say that it is the absolute berries for this kind of game. I want to get one of the dropped and offset models that Dave Sevigny uses.

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