Data is a good thing

Linoge put a lot of work into showing the data with a pretty picture. I would like to think our opposition is able to read and understand raw numbers but time has shown even though I think they are mentally ill bigots with crap for brains I have far too high of an opinion of their skill set. So if your opposition needs to see a picture to understand what you are saying Linoge has it.

Data is always a good thing. Presenting it so it is understandable on such an intellectual level, that even the most stupid of those towards whom it is directed will understand it is even better.


1 thought on “Data is a good thing

  1. Thanks for the linkage, Joe. To answer the question you posed me over my way, I included “all intents” in the WISQARS system, which accounts for any “unintentional”, “suicide”, “homicide”, “legal intervention”, and “undetermined intent” deaths. Do I think all of those should acutally count in any kind of open debate? Of course not – I firmly believe that “unintentional”, “suicide”, and “legal intervention” should be discarded in terms of exmaining the fatality trends of firearms.

    However, given that so many anti-rights advocates’ arguments rely on including all forms of firearm-related deaths, I thought I would do the same… especially since their arguments still fail, despite me giving them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their numbers. Perhaps I am being too gracious, but it destroys their hoplophobic screeds so much better, so I am ok with that.

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