Motorcycles, guns and zombies! Oh my!

Via email from Ed:

Jul 28, 2009 6:06pm
Eastside Harley and Wades Guns in Bellevue will be starting a promo via the internet. When a customer purchases a new 2009 big twin Harley from now through the end of July (could go into August), they will get a $500 voucher towards a purchase of a firearm or merchandise at Wades Guns. This offer is internet-only promotion, share and pass this audio file along. We are also posting a video to

Bellevue Washington, near Seattle.

3 thoughts on “Motorcycles, guns and zombies! Oh my!

  1. Very interesting! I recognize some of the first pictures they’re using, it’s Warren Weber and his buddies – a guy on The guy jumping in the first pic is Kenny Erie, Warren is the 2nd. pic. ( ) they were/are from Golden CO. Warren is still around, and still riding.

  2. Ha! compare this kind of initiative in using the internet to the cycle place that screwed Ambulance Driver repeatedly and then tried to troll his blog when he posted about it, thus ensuring that his brutal reaming of their most sensitive orifices would remain the for a long, long, long time.

  3. Apart from the fact that Harleys are a brand, not a motorcycle…

    …when I read the tagline for this story, I was hoping the deal would be free zombie with every gun purchase.

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