Motorcycles, guns and zombies! Oh my!

Via email from Ed:

Jul 28, 2009 6:06pm
Eastside Harley and Wades Guns in Bellevue will be starting a promo via the internet. When a customer purchases a new 2009 big twin Harley from now through the end of July (could go into August), they will get a $500 voucher towards a purchase of a firearm or merchandise at Wades Guns. This offer is internet-only promotion, share and pass this audio file along. We are also posting a video to

Bellevue Washington, near Seattle.


3 thoughts on “Motorcycles, guns and zombies! Oh my!

  1. Very interesting! I recognize some of the first pictures they’re using, it’s Warren Weber and his buddies – a guy on The guy jumping in the first pic is Kenny Erie, Warren is the 2nd. pic. ( ) they were/are from Golden CO. Warren is still around, and still riding.

  2. Apart from the fact that Harleys are a brand, not a motorcycle…

    …when I read the tagline for this story, I was hoping the deal would be free zombie with every gun purchase.

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