Quote of the day–Don Gwinn

…“Brady PAC Illinois” has just released its first semi-annual report of contributions and expenditures.

Their first fund-raiser was held in Chicago, which makes sense; Chicago is one of only a few pockets of serious anti-gun sentiment in Illinois. 91 out of 102 Illinois counties have now passed a “Pro 2A Resolution” that clearly states their opposition to all future gun control efforts in the state. Obviously Cook County is one of the 11 lagging behind on gun rights; the same fund-raisers held anywhere else in Illinois would likely have lost money. The question is, how well did they do in Chicago?

It can be hard to tell from the minimum information available in such reports, but here are the highlights of the Brady report:

  • Brady PAC Illinois reported that it raised $27,150 in its first six months.
  • Brady PAC Illinois further reported that it paid out $26,517.14 in expenses during the same period.
  • This leaves Brady PAC Illinois with $632.86 to show for its first six months.

Don Gwinn

July 27, 2009
Brady Campaign fund-raising is flat in Chicago
[That figures out to just over $105/month. That means the gun blogger community probably outspend them 10:1 just on ammo. Nice! -Joe]