National concealed carry reciprocity

I’m a little surprised by the stiff resistence put up by the bigots on the Thune Amendment. Here and here are just two of many, many examples of PSH.

I’m also a little surprised our side hasn’t been defending a little stronger or that the bigots don’t realize what they are setting themselves up for.

How is this any different than states having different criteria for marriage and divorce. Some states allow people to marry as young as 14. Others don’t. Some states require blood tests or waiting periods. Others don’t. Yet each state must recognized the marriage licenses of all the other states.

How is this any different than states having different criteria for drivers license?

And don’t both sides realize that nearly the same arguements can be used by the other side if the discussion was about homosexual marriage?

If the anti-gun Democrats were smart they would agree to vote for it if homosexual marriage licenses were recognized nationwide as well. Sort of a poison pill for the more conservative types.

I think that would make the fights far more interesting. Popcorn anyone? I think Roberta has some.


2 thoughts on “National concealed carry reciprocity

  1. Too many moderates would go for both of those for the extremists on either side to be comfortable offering it, methinks.

  2. Hmmm… I know the libertarians wouldn’t be thrown off by the dreaded “Ghey Marriage!!! OH NOES!” – neither the small or large “L” ones. Would the party line GOP NRA folks get their gender appropriate undergarments in a twist over it though? I’m sure the 2A friendly Dems shouldn’t take issue. Either of them.

    I’m thinking that what might work is a new “Full Faith and Credit” act. Bundle CCW in with marriage, signature loans, driver’s license, insurance etc. If you don’t recognize ’em all, you don’t recognize any. If Nebraska won’t let me carry, they can’t let me drive or sleep with my 16 year old cousin either

    I’m joking of course, I don’t mind taking the bus in Nebraska.

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