And I thought I was rebellious

I pay cash for nearly everything I can. Rent and utilities for the underground bunker in the Seattle area, and most of my gasoline, ammo, guns, and range fees are all paid for with cash.

I don’t hesitate to call people advocating gun control bigots or say they have mental problems.

I encouraged Barb to keep her own name when we got married (which she did). And that was nearly 33 years ago when it was far less common than it is now.

I advocate pushing the limits of what is acceptable and pushing buttons in people. I challenge people to make them think and to slow down the encroachment upon our freedoms.

I’ve started open carrying in certain places.

But a fellow Idaho resident makes me look a bit pathetic in my timid attempts at rebellion. See how she handled the marriage license and the SSN. I’m proud she lives in the same town as I (sometimes) do.


2 thoughts on “And I thought I was rebellious

  1. “Human” race. I like it! I’m going to remember that. In the past I’ve tried to state my race as “native American” being as how I understand that words do in fact mean things (I was born here) but that doesn’t get accepted in some cases. On multiple choice forms they don’t give “human” as a choice. I’ll have to check “other” if that is an available option, and fill in “human”.

  2. Under the laws of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, marriage can consist of two people agreeing to be married by simply stating that intent in the presence of two witnesses. No officiator or nothin. It’s technically known as a “Self-Officiating” or “Self-Uniting” marriage.

    Some counties in Pennsylvania have refused to grant these, for reasons of people in government wishing to inflict their religion (or government) on others, or wishing to inflict religious tests on those choosing partnership for life.

    In 2007 a courageous young couple took this all the way to a federal court, which ruled in their favor in Allegheny County.

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