For our fellow freedom fighters in the UK

I received a request for help from James in the UK. Here was my response (actually sent in two pieces, but combined here):

I would like to suggest you follow the links in the post Just One Question. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reviewed a number of studies and was unable to conclude gun control made people safer. That review, and the studies they looked at, are probably the most reliable data points.

The following links are not to statistics. The CDC study would be the best reference I have for that.

I don’t have it but I think this book would be very useful:

I’ve read a few excerpts and it seemed quite good.

This might also be worthwhile:

For more background and potential ways to approach the problem take a look at these:

Good luck!


Gun control also violates my Jews in the Attic Test.


3 thoughts on “For our fellow freedom fighters in the UK

  1. I have both of Dr. Malcom’s books, and I mustb say, “Of Guns and Violence” is a really great tool showing that gun control never achieves it’s good-natured goal of reducing violence.

  2. Post coming up Monday. Thanks, Joe, I plan to hit hard. When the anti-gun lobby start hitting on me, I’ll maybe need a little support from you boys.

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