Preparing for shooty goodness

Yesterday daughter Kim and I went out to the Boomershoot site to do some prep work for Boomershoot 2010. She folded a bunch of target boxes:

I killed yellow-jackets, threw out dead mice, put out more rat/mice and ant poison, and replaced the bait in the yellow-jacket trap.

I also did an inventory of boxes, chemicals and target stakes. I want all of those on site before the rains start this fall. I don’t want to worry about being able to get a supply vehicle through the snow and/or mud to the Taj Mahal next spring like I did this spring.

We now have 675 boxes all folded and put in crates ready for Boomershoot 2010. I need to buy a few hundred more, get them folded, put in crates, and maybe even load some of them with lime before next spring. Lots of other things need to be done too. I want to improve the shooters berms. It needs to be deeper in places. Our “well” isn’t working and I have suspicions that the solar panels the recharge the batteries are not working either.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics rules all. But that is sort of what Boomershoot is about, right? It’s about moving things from a high energy state to a lower energy state. I just sometimes wish there wasn’t so much effort involved in achieving the high energy state.


3 thoughts on “Preparing for shooty goodness

  1. Retirement looms large in a couple of months. Maybe next year the wife and I can drive out as observers. She is still bugging me about doing the “Creek” again.

  2. But boomershoot is awesome!! We should do it more than once a year!! *ducks, runs away from Barb*

  3. Ha! Ha! Very funny. And that’s it.

    How’s that? Does the sarcasm come through?

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