I Don’t Care Who You Are…

…(or how many times you’ve seen it already) that’s funny right there.  With credit given to Larry The Cable Guy (you do also have an alter to him in your bedroom closet, complete with votive candles, don’t you?  Or am I weird?)

This goes out to Dennis A. Henigan, who clearly needs some cheering up these days as he’s being beaten by a bunch of redneck dolts, and to the people of the TSSAA, who need a little bit of reality therapy to help them in their decision making during these trying times.

Dennis; the dialog in the video is a little more than one of us dumb, inbred, backwoods Idaho rednecks can fit on a bumper sticker.  Maybe we could reduce it to a simple, easily repeatable and easy to spell phrase like, “Gun Free Zones Are Dumb”.  I don’t know; with your superior intellect, maybe you could do a little better.  If you do a good job I promise to put it on the back window of my “rig” as we say in Idaho.  Just be sure to make it small enough that it doesn’t obscure the AR-15 in the gun rack of my beat-up 4 x 4 pickup.


One thought on “I Don’t Care Who You Are…

  1. Lyle, I won’t say you’re weird, but my wife’s clothes take up too much room in the closet for my own altar. As far as the TSSAA goes, I think it’s fun to watch bigots hold their breath until they imitate smurfs.

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