Merchants of death cooperate with ATF

Even though gun businesses are vilified by the anti-gun bigots there is a lot of cooperation with the ATF when they play half-way decent toward reasonable goals. The NSSF is gearing up for another “Don’t lie for the other guy” campaign. My experiences with the ATF have all been positive even if there have been a few government bureaucracy moments.

I am of the opinion the ATF is unconstitutional and should be completely disbanded but that doesn’t mean they don’t do some good as well as the obvious harm. Ruby Ridge and Waco are just two of the worst instances, dozens, if not hundreds of incidents of abuse occur each year. But I don’t really see the harm advocating gun dealers not sell to violent criminals or them asking for a sample of my explosives for forensic comparison (they haven’t actually done this, but they said they might and I agreed to do so).

When the anti-gun bigots whine about people exercising their specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms I think they should be asked, “Who has done more to catch criminals using guns and explosives for evil, anti-freedom advocates, or the “Merchants of Death”?


4 thoughts on “Merchants of death cooperate with ATF

  1. or them asking for a sample of my explosives for forensic comparison

    Considering the fact that you spell out not only your current recipe, but all of your previous incarnations of Boomerite, how useful would an analysis of your stuff be?

  2. The particular brand/sources of the various chemicals would show up because of the particle sizes, additives, etc. They could determine that the chemicals came from the same set of suppliers or was stolen from my storage.

  3. As Joe probably already knows, Washington Arms Collectors has also helped Seattle ATF in more then one successful investigation. When it comes to “Who has done more to catch criminals…” we know it’s not the control bigots.

    And the same holds true for safety. Washington Arms Collectors has been sponsoring (this means promoting organizing and paying the costs of) Home Firearms Safety classes for a -decade- now. Hundreds of people have gotten this class over the past decade thanks to WAC and it’s members. A class from the folks who’ve been teaching material to make safer more responsible shooters for more then one hundred and seventy five years.

    It’s not the control bigots who care about safety or fighting crime. -Boyd Kneeland

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