4 thoughts on “Gun blog ranking

  1. Their methodology is… interesting…

    I’ve added myself, and I’ll see what they come back with. By traffic, technorati rank, I’d be 4th or fifth. I’m about 12th on Alexa. About 20th by inbound links. I’m not sure why they think a higher outbound links per page count is good, since it reqards spamblogs and content free aggregators, but OK.

    I did a little rough number analysis a couple months back and came up with Unc as way in front of anyone else for links, traffic, and ranking.

    Course most of these guys are friends of mine at least…. and honestly I don’t much care about rankings… I’m just curious how they weighted factors.

  2. Congratulations. You deserve it.

    You have a typo as you say in the text seven instead of ten.

  3. Lord T, when I posted it the ranking was seven. A few hours later, as you have noted, the ranking changed to ten.

  4. Indeed… before I left for the long weekend, I was number 7. Now? I am 33rd. Curse all those fellow gunbloggers registering their weblogs!

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