The move to a new bunker

I’m finally settled into my new hidden, underground, hardened, bunker well enough to make a few blog posts. That doesn’t mean I’m all caught up reading everyone else’s blogs and commenting on all the things I would have liked to comment on.

It was more work than I expected. It’s amazing how much stuff a pack-rat can accumulate in 3.5 years in one place. I did throw a bunch of stuff away–which helps some in the new place.

It turns out it’s a 15 minute walk to work instead of a 10 minute walk but that isn’t bad. It makes it easier for Barb to have lunch with me when she is over here too.

Barb did a lot of the work and has her nest in the corner mostly configured the way she wants it. We still have to buy a few things that we shared in the common kitchen in the old bunker.

One thing that is surprising is how much moisture is in the air of the new bunker. I never needed to use the dehumidifier in the old one. This one started smelling wet after just a couple days. I turned on the dehumidifier and it’s pulling out about two gallons of water from the air each day. The humidity dropped from 60% to, as of this minute, 48%. This is probably acceptable.

After learning that the Bellevue police have been fully informed on open carry I decided to do that a bit on an experimental basis during the move and then extended it into my normal activies in the parking lot of not only the bunker but of banks and the mall. There have been no problems so far. I think a couple of teenage girls in the parking lot noticed as they and (I presume) their mother were moving in nearby. The mother gave me a smile and said, “Hi” as she got into her pickup the next time I made a trip with my arms full of boxes from the Jeep in the parking lot down the stairs to the bunker. But other than that there have not been any reactions that I have noticed.

Tonight another women was moving in and she might have seen the gun as well. She smiled and said hi before she had an opportunity to see it. I didn’t look back after I walked by so I don’t know she did see it or had a reaction. The license plate on her car is from California so she might not think it was so cool to see someone packing in public! If I see her running for cover and/or concealment when I come to the surface I’ll know she has an adverse opinion of gun owners.


4 thoughts on “The move to a new bunker

  1. Gee Joe,
    I’m surprised at your breakdown in the scientific method! Just because the Cali woman may run and/or scream, doesn’t necessarily equate to an adverse reaction to guns. Perhaps she’d be having an adverse reaction to YOU! 🙂

  2. Joe if the humidity is going up that high, that fast, in a building of reasonably normal US type construction, you have a water leak somewhere.

  3. the other Joe,

    It’s underground in the Seattle area. Other places similar to this have had the same problems. The rent contract warns of mold and high humidity. I’m certain their is no water leak.


    If I had my way clothes would be merely for protecting oneself from the elements. As it is clothes have to do double duty and prevent arrest as well. I’m surprised you didn’t already know that.

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