Quote of the day–Sean Flynn

After the long nightmare of Microsoft health insurance, to finally be delivered into the arms of the kind and loving bureaucrats who give their all to ensure America’s veterans never want for care…

Sean Flynn
2:59 PM PDT, June 25, 2008
Microsoft employee commenting on the Obama administration’s efforts to “reform” (nationalize) health care.


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Sean Flynn

  1. considering most microsoft employees are foreign H1b visa holders here to take american jobs on the cheap, do they qualify for american health care anyway??


  2. I question the assertion that most MS employees are foreign. And non-U.S. citizens certainly don’t get paid any less than U.S citizens.

    I don’t know if Obama’s (NOT American) health care plan will cover them or not. I suspect it would.

  3. MSFT healthcare a nightmare? When I worked for the company (1999-2001), the heathcare plan was stellar. I LIKED my pay and benefits. The work? Well there was that dot bomb thing that ate my entire group…. hence USED to be at MSFT.

    I don’t know about now, but it used to be a great (if pressured) place to work.

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