Capitalist solution to pirates

I think the Russians are catching on to this capitalism thing:

Pirate Hunting Cruises Being Offered in Russia

Pirate hunting cruises along the African coast are being offered by private yachts in Russia. For £3,500 per day customers can sail along the coast of Somalia at low speed to entice a pirate into attacking.

Former special forces troops are on board to make sure no harm comes to the wealthy punters. If a pirate does take the bait, they are met with machine gun, rocket, and grenade fire. For an extra fee, customers can hire an AK-47 and join in.

[Via an email from son-in-law Caleb.]


3 thoughts on “Capitalist solution to pirates

  1. I saw one of those emails last month, about “pirate cruses”. Figured it was a joke (and a good one), as there was no hard data about dates, cost, contact info, cruise line, etc, etc. This is probably the same thing, second time around.

    But darn, I wish it was real. . . I’d max out my plastic in a NY minute if it was. I’m itching to zero my M-N M44, and give her a go on a long-distance target-rich environment (does this make me an “environmentalist”?)

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