Quote of the day–Alan Gura

It’s impossible to list every single gun protected by the Second Amendment. We won’t stop until this list is scrapped.

Alan Gura
June 17, 2009
[The bigots in Washington D.C. were banning guns not on California’s list of approved guns–which in some cases banned guns on the bases of being the wrong color. They dropped the California list but still require the guns to be on the lists maintained by Maryland and Massachusetts.

Just as I predicted, “They will scream and yell, and refuse to obey the law of the land as long as they can. It will be little different than when blacks were declared equal citizens and they were still stopped for driving while black, jailed, beaten, and even convicted in kangaroo courts on phony charges.” And (here), “The anti-gun people are bigots just like those that promoted the Jim Crow laws against blacks.” It’s going to take many battles and a long time before the bigots finally learn their place–in the dustbin of history.–Joe]