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Ry (and here) and Say Uncle reported on the U.S. Army ordering 38.4 million rounds of .300 Winchester magnum ammo for their newly modified M-24 sniper rifles.

I think quite highly of the .300 Win Mag as a long range precision rifle cartridge. That is what my Spud Gun is chambered in. I have been very, very pleased with the results I get with it. I also find it interesting the link Ry supplied to the development history reports the Federal Match primers are used in the new ammo–which is what I use when reloading for my Spud Gun. They are using a 220 grain Sierra Match King bullet however. They considered and rejected the 210 grain VLD bullet which is what I use for reloading. The moly coated 190 grain Sierra Match King is used in the Black Hills match ammo I sometimes buy which also works very well for me. I prefer the 210 VLD over the 190 SMK because I get a little less wind drift and I should be good for 1500 yard shots versus 1300 yards for the 190 SMK (at sea level, 59F).

I’m glad I have enough ammo to last me until (I hope) the Army contracts are fulfilled.


2 thoughts on “Good choice

  1. That reminds me Joe, I’m still trying to sort out some things on my 1000 yard rifle project.

    I’ve got the action (stiller precision Tac 300), and I’ve decided on a McMillan stock (I’m thinking an A5, but I may change my mind) with badger bottom metal, and a Jewel HVR trigger.

    The glass I eventually get all depends on how much I can scratch up before next April.

    What I can’t decide on is the barrel. Right now I’m leaning strongly towards Kreiger; because they’ve got great barrels, but also because their custom shop can cut, crown, muzzle thread (for a detachable brake, a thread cap, and possibly a can in future), thread, chamber, and mount it for me on a 4 month turnaround, at a reasonable cost.

    I’d also been considering Hart, Lilja, and McGowan; who all offer the same services (though I can’t speak to their curent turnaround times).

    Any preferences? Anyone you’d recommend that I haven’t been considering? (This goes for your readers as well of course)

  2. I have a Kreiger barrel on my rifle and I am very happy with it. But that rifle was built nearly 10 years ago so my data point is getting a little stale by now.

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