Quote of the day–Kenneth Chinran

Population pre-event, fifteen million. Population post-event, ten million and dropping. Four Operatives. My share of the initial casualty count was one million, two hundred and fifty fucking thousand people. The number was meaningless except as a strategic calculation and a sick, horrible comment percolated thorough my thoughts.

I. Am. A. Weapon. Of. Mass. Destruction.

Kenneth Chinran
A character in the book The Weapon, Page 440.
By Michael Z. Williamson
[A few days after I made this post on April 1 2008 Freehold and The Weapon showed up on my desk at work courtesy of Tony. As Jim said, “Joe, if you haven’t read Freehold and The Weapon by Michael Z. Williamson you really ought to, they describe your ‘April Fools’ scenario almost to a T.”

I don’t have much time for reading dead tree stuff but I put these books on the top of my stack. I finished Freehold in about three or four months and I currently have only a handful of pages left on The Weapon. They are very good books. Had I decided to take the time they would have been the type of book I would have read straight through stopping only to tell Barb to leave me alone–I really didn’t need to eat or sleep yet.

Being an engineer I would have liked more detail on some things. But being a good engineer I can figure out the details for myself should I have the need.

Sleep well.–Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Kenneth Chinran

  1. Freehold is also available on the Baen Books Free Library. LINK
    I obtained it from there, and recently purchased The Weapon from Amazon.

  2. Same type of thing happened to me. My old boss came by while I was still an intern. For some reason I have this reputation at work as someone who likes the more fun things in life, sex, guns, and explosives. I’m not sure why they have come to this conclusion. However he dropped off “Deep winter”, “Walt’s Gulch”, and “Songs of Good Men and Bad”. The first one was very good, the other two were the kind that the plot just sinks your teeth in and you want to finish the ride. (even with the every once in a while editing mistake)

    So I’m adding another group of books to the list. At least the wife appears to enjoy them too.

  3. Mad Make writes very well, indeed. I am fortunate he lives here — I can buy his boks hot off the press — with autographs, even.

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